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Last additions - Cayuga USA
This maybe my last OMSI 2 Screenshot296 viewsJonathan the greatMay 15, 2020
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Buses (Cayuga Midwest)


This is a semi fictional US State is located between Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. In this map, you'll notice several changes to the surrounding areas of the original version of Dash's Cayuga 0.5 including two new downtown areas north and west of Downtown Cayuga. Also several branches of routes travel from one end of the city to another while other adjoining routes serve several inncer-city communities and suburban areas.

70 files, last one added on May 15, 2020
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Buses (version 0.5)


Cayuga USA version 0.5 was the first definitive version of Cayuga USA. It ran between December 21st, 2016 and May 4th, 2017.

In this verison, agencies like CCTA and GREAT had made their debut, and the operations themselves were more defined.

56 files, last one added on Jul 01, 2018
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Buses (version 0.6)


Cayuga USA 0.6 was when the "USA" version of the map started to gain it's own personality and image. This version introduced new outfits such as CCTA Direct and KTA, and ran between May 5th 2017 and December 24th 2018.

64 files, last one added on Jul 23, 2018
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Buses (version 0.7)


Now the current version of Cayuga USA, introducing the works of nascarfan20105 and MattOnboardBus2100. This is the biggest Cayuga USA release to date.

134 files, last one added on Dec 30, 2019
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Buses (version 0.8)


This version introduces CANTA replacing CCTA, as well as LATS replacing Lakeland Transit, and a whole slew of new routes and services throughout the map

16 files, last one added on May 15, 2020
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Landscape and Scenery


Scenes at or Around Cayuga USA that do not directly involve buses.

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