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Visalia Transit Orion VII OG #6262591 viewsI always saw this one Taunting me when I go home from college. So I had some free time and rode this one. I even recorded my first bus ride video. Powered by John Deere 6081H, Allison B400R(maybe)

EDIT 12-26-17: Found out a little after the video was posted that this one has a ZF Transmission.
Video Link:
ANIME-AND-BUSESMay 31, 2020 at 09:27 PM
Visalia Transit Gillig BRT Plus CNG #1603490 viewsCummins ISL-G
Allison B400R
Route 11X to Visalia, CA from Tulare, CA.
New Video uploaded to my channel of this bus, check it out on
ANIME-AND-BUSESMay 31, 2020 at 11:19 AM
Santa Cruz Metro - 2003 New Flyer C40LF(Ex-D40LF) #2233213 viewsSeeing #2233 pass us by made me SO HAPPY that I got
to see my childhood bus in person.
ANIME-AND-BUSESMay 31, 2020 at 09:30 AM
Visalia Transit 2013 Gillig BRT #1301421 viewsThese were Visalia's first buses with gillig after Orion shutdown. I ride them to go to my college during the week. Visalia purchased 2016 models later on. Powered by Cummins ISL-G, Allison B400R.ANIME-AND-BUSESMay 26, 2020 at 01:47 AM

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LACMTA XN60 Rapid2 viewsking_Gabe_2k20Jan 16, 2020
Santa Cruz Metro - Orion V CNG #2306219 viewsTHIS IS A RARE ONE!
These Orion Vs were originally powered by a DD50 EGR like the 2003 New Flyer buses. However, the CNG enclosure is from ElDorado National CNG buses. AND, it uses a John Deere 6081H. These also have only one door as a suburban configuration.
This should be a variant on the Orion V bus for OMSI 2!
Santa Cruz Metro - 2003 New Flyer C35LF(Ex-D35LF) #2213210 viewsThis is a bad picture I know, but It's what I managed to get.
I did though record footage of it entering the transit center.
The 2003(Ex-2002) C40LF and C35LFs were originally Diesel powered by DD50 EGR, until Santa Cruz decided to convert these to CNG models. They sound awesome!
Santa Cruz Metro - 2008 New Flyer C40LF #2808?178 viewsThis C40LF is a part of the last batch of C40LFs Santa Cruz ordered before the C40LFR models. This one sports the ISL-G rather than the C Gas unlike the 2006, 2003 and 2002 models. This one also sounded nice :)
I also didn't grow up with this model.

Santa Cruz Metro


Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District, or simply Santa Cruz METRO, provides bus service throughout Santa Cruz County, California.

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Los Angeles County MTA of Los Angeles, CA

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Tulare/Visalia, California


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