Cayuga USA

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Cayuga USA

This is a fictional US State that would be located between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In this map, you'll notice that most (if not all) of the routes here serve their own purpose, including (but not limited to) connecting a suburban town to the main city, or transporting the locals around their town. Whether you want to drive a corner-to-corner urban route, a super limited BRT route, a long-distance commuter express route, or even kick it into very low gear and do a park and ride the shuttle; the Cayuga USA map has it all

If this is a fresh install, you will have to select "Load Map WIthout Buses" before selecting the map as there is no "Last Situation" saved for this map. If you are upgrading from an older version, you MUST REPLACE all the files that come with this version, including repaints, hof files, etc, else you will encounter glitches and incompatible hofs, which I will NOT be supporting



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Changes since 4/15/19 release:

    • Numbering changes
    • Most routes have been renumbered, except for most CANTA local routes
    • Local routes in Lakeland became lettered*
    • Routes 202, 204, were renumbered to routes 92, 94, respectively.

*Lakeland Routes will not retain their original forms. See Route Changes for Details

Routing changes: Many existing routes will change based on some comments given in the past operations wise.

    • Lakeland - I greatly apologize that I was too stubborn to change this system in the past, but I really wanted Lakeland to feel like the original Lakeland map. I am finally going to listen and do what's right for the community.
      • Routes 214, 215, and 216 were eliminated
      • New route A takes over the operation from Collins Transportation Center to Barnes Estates via Terry Road. This new route will operate via route 173 (Roosevelt Boulevard) to Keswick Overwatch, then to Barnes Estates following the original routing of route 216
      • New route B takes over the operation from Collins Transportation Center to Barnes Estates via Main Street. This new route will operate via Route 173 (Roosevelt Boulevard) to National Park, then to Barnes Estates following the current route 214
      • New route D serves National Park and Lakeland Walmart
      • Routes A, B, and D terminate on the street at Collins Transit Center. Routes A, B will turn into route D buses at Collins Transportation Center and vice versa.
    • Greenville
      • Greenville Transit Hub was removed completely. All routes operating to the said hub were rerouted to serve Downtown Greenville and/or Springfield Mall.
      • Route 201 is now called "Eastside Circulator," and operates as a hybrid between current routes 201 and 202 terminating in Downtown Greenville.
      • A new Shopper's Special route 203 starts in Downtown Greenville, operating to Springfield Mall.
      • GREAT routes became inter-lined. Route 201 trips continue as route 203 trips and Vice-Versa
      • CANTA route 34 was re-routed via Darrah Peak, Terminating in Downtown Greenville

These are only minor changes, but for those that follow the lure of Cayuga USA, this will change things up quite a bit.

    • Cayuga and Northern Transportation Authority replaced the Cayuga City Transportation Authority.
    • Cayuga and Northern Transportation Authority assumed operations over routes 92 and 94.
    • CANTA Airport Shuttles now operate with small buses

Changes Since 1/31/2020 Release:

  • New "West Busway" with routes 61, 105, and 106 being re-routed to serve it
  • Darrah Peak renamed to Montgomery
  • New WIP routes 7 and 39 which also operate on the West Busway (incomplete)
  • New chrono event which reflects the current status of the world (we all know what I'm talking about).
  • Many areas of the city rebuilt.

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  1. im havinng issues with getting all the backgrounds like building streets street signs traffic and traffic lights etc etc to load for this map and i downloaded everything and put it in the proper place. please help this is frustrating me

  2. When i start the route nothing loads just a blank white backgroud. I extracted all the required files and dropped them in the omsi 2 directory. Tried reinstalling everything same result. The chicago add on works fine.

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