Loading up OMSI 2 Add-On Maps for the First Time

Hello All, It’s Dash515 here with yet another OMSI 2 Tutorial

I noticed that a lot of people have either encountered the “map not found” error when starting a new map, was able to start a new map but then had it crash with an error saying “Last situation could not be loaded,” or simply did not see it in the drop-down menu. This tutorial will show you how to figure out whether or not your map is there, and also enable you to play it for the first time without any problems (unless you have missing dependencies, which in that case you should follow THIS TUTORIAL instead.

Getting ALL Maps to Show Up in the Drop-down Menu
When you first start OMSI, you are often greeted with this familiar scene:

However, when you select the drop down menu, you may notice a map you have downloaded is missing.

The solution is simple. There is nothing wrong with the maps or the game, it just means not all the maps have a last situation (which for stability reasons, they shouldn’t have last situations to load in the first place if you’ve never run them). All you have to do is select the option that says “Load Map without buses” then go back into the drop down menu and all your maps should appear.

Now you can select your map and continue to the next step

First Run

When you run the map for the first time, always make sure that you have “load map without buses” selected to ensure that your map loads WITHOUT depending on the last situation the developer of the map was using. More than likely they used a bus that you may not have and starting the game would cause it to crash. Or. The coordinates of the location where the developer last was do not match that of your version of OMSI, also causing the map to crash.

Best time

Always remember to set the time to noon upon the first run of a map as well. Not because of security or stability but rather since OMSI editor always starts at noon and extends to night, the map was likely optimized to run well at noon. This is optional, but recommended.

Load Whole Map at Start

This setting, although it can cause ram issues, is the best way to know right away whether or not you are missing objects for the map. You can find this in the Options menu under “advanced.” If when you start the map with these settings, the map instantly loads up the blue sky glitch, you can transition over to this tutorial and figure out what is missing. The game does not do the “blue sky glitch” when “load whole map at start” is not enabled, instead only the tiles with missing objects refuse to load (unless the tile you start on is the tile with missing objects). If everything is fine, you can go back into options, disable this setting, then play the game normally.


Now that we’ve gotten everything situated you can start up the map. If something still goes wrong, it’s best if you go over to the troubleshooting tutorial to figure out what to do next.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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