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General Discussion / Regarding Aussiex...
« on: June 12, 2018, 03:14:08 PM »
So as many of you know, OZx went down about a month ago due to being "compromised." Now in light of this, a lot of content on THIS site can no longer be used. I know this is frustrating but there's nothing we can do about this, and I'm not sure there's much the owners of OZx can do either. While this does mean a lot of content is unusable, please refrain from blaming developers for this. It's not our faults either.

I could rebuild some maps with this in mind, but that would also be salty for when aussiex comes back up. A lot of effort could be for nothing in light of this. We just need to be patient. If you ask people privately, that have the content, it's better to ask them for secondary links, than it is to pester developers for it.

General Discussion / Regarding ALL Dash5155 Content...
« on: March 09, 2018, 05:25:31 PM »
As I've posted on all social medias, effective immediately, all OMSI projects I am currently working on are on indefinite hold. This includes:

- ALL repaints, even private ones, even if I don't personally tell you so.
- The New Flyer powertrain mod update
- Cayuga 0.7
- Liberty 0.3
- ANY collaboration I've promised.

I apologize if I've gotten your hopes up with the promised release of any of these mods/content.

Add-On Maps / Cayuga USA 0.7 (Alpha Release)
« on: January 21, 2018, 07:29:34 PM »
Cayuga USA 0.7
Version: 0.7.01 Alpha, Release: January 21st 2018

Because people insist on treating this like a full release despite it saying ALPHA all over the package and map, I have no choice but to take it offline.

I will not be reposting it until it is a stable full release, however people who have already downloaded the alpha can still report bugs and issues related to the alpha so that they can be looked at for the full release.

Welcome to Cayuga USA 0.7 Alpha. This version is very much so incomplete and riddled with bugs. However since I kept everyone waiting for so long, I figured now was a good time to at least send this out as it is at least stable enough to run.

What's new in this version?

  • 11 New Drivable routes, bringing the total number of drivable routes to 28~
  • New road expansions within Keystone and Cayuga city done by nascarfan20105
  • New commercial highway between Lakeland and Springfield by Datransitman
  • Cleaner streets and more detail
  • New Direct Lines replacing previously existing 300 series routes
  • So much more
Due to the fact that all the sceneryobjects and splines were included, you would only really need those that include fonts. They include:

Please note that for this release, only the Chicago Citybus can be used as a drivable vehicle.

Also, you'll still need the Cayuga USA Repaint pack.

If you have any support requests, please comment on the support thread.

If you like this map, maybe you'd consider sending the developer a small donation as a thank you

Transit Discussion / SEPTA Direct Launches Sunday!
« on: October 17, 2017, 06:16:18 PM »
Today was the ribbon cutting ceremony and press conference for the SEPTA "Boulevard Direct" Service. The actual line debuts on October 22nd, 2017.

The main goal of this new service is to cut down on travel times. SEPTA Route 14 normally would take anywhere from 47 minutes to an hour on this trip. Specially branded "Boulevard Direct" buses would cut travel times to anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes, running every 10 minutes at peak hours.

SEPTA also stated that they have more plans for Direct service including the potential of all-door boarding, dedicated bus lanes, and more routes. More information on the Direct Bus Brand could be seen here:

Photo of Boulevard Direct Signage, Courtesy of SEPTA

Here's a render made in OMSI, for those interested in OMSI goods

Website News / New Multimedia Gallery Launched!
« on: October 12, 2017, 09:04:56 PM »
Hey guys, as the title says, I launched a new photo gallery where you can share both real-world and Simulation based Images!

Here's a list of features this Multimedia Gallery has over the old one:

-You can share multiple pictures, not just OMSI but all transportation images
-You can comment, share, and rate pictures
-You don't run the risk of someone stealing your pictures, as they are stamped with a watermark
-You can bulk upload images, up to 20 at a time infact!
-You can hotlink to external sites (unlike Photobucket <.<)
-You're allowed to create new albums for agencies that currently have none, or simply upload to your personal albums
-So much more!

All you need is an account with Virtual Transportation Center! Click the Gallery tab in the menu at the top, or Click here and share:

Current Events / Facebook Outage October 11th 2017; Does it Affect You?
« on: October 11, 2017, 12:00:35 PM »
Well as of this moment, facebook is down for a lot of users if not all of them. I think it may have to do with what's going on in CA but no actual sources confirmed/denyed the cause.

Anyway is anyone else affected by this downtime? As in cannot access/login/etc?

Edit: Since no one has said anything by now, it doesn't affect you. Facebook is back online as of 12:54 Eastern.

Transit Discussion / Fictional Transit Systems?
« on: October 11, 2017, 05:36:26 AM »
Have you ever made a fictional transit system? Give us all the news and updates on it here!

I know a lot of people on this board have built and maintained their own ficticious transit agency either in a video game or on paper, and I would like to see what you've all come up with.

Off Topic / Do You Have YouTube?
« on: October 05, 2017, 11:31:35 PM »
So naturally, I have a YouTube channel. 4, actually.

Transit Action Series

What about you guys? Anyone else here has a YouTube? Comment or share a video from your channel

Website News / October and Fall is here
« on: October 01, 2017, 06:30:22 PM »
Fall Foliage? Yup, It's October!

Photo of the month:

CNG Power "A greener pasture"
by CTA_FlxibleFan

A lot of new developers have joined the VTC, who creating a wide variety of content. All I have to say is that this month is going to be a good one in terms of content!

Santa Cruz Metro New Flyer Repaint (From ANIME-AND-BUSES);sa=view;down=42

This repaint download is the paint scheme of Santa Cruz Metro that was created in 1998 on their first low floor D40LF's and currently on their now retired 1990's Gillig Phantoms, 1998 D40LF's, 2002/2008 C40LF's, C40LFR's, and their 2013 XN35. The number on this bus is #2203, along with 2204 and 2207 which was sadly the one of the first 2002 New Flyer C40LF's that are now retired.

The pack has been updated. The white paint is now a bit grey, and on the highway 17 express version, it now has some decals.
C40LF also has decal on CNG compartment.

Link to Auction page of #2203

On google maps you can see #2203 on Route 71 heading to Capitola
(Which was the route I used to ride on)

R.I.P #2203,#2204, and #2207

-Do not claim this as your own work
-Credit me if you share(the repaint is free,so just share the link of the repaint :P )
-Enjoy the repaint
(To make it more real, use the New Flyer Powertrain mod DD50/Allison and Cummins ISL-G/Allison Specs)

General Discussion / 2017 OMSI Bus Roadeo
« on: September 17, 2017, 03:19:46 AM »
Hey so guys, I made an event, asking people to submit their runs so that I can create a competition on OMSI 2 called a Bus Roadeo, similar to that of the ones in real life.

Now, at 3pm Eastern, we will finally have the competition. Anyone excited?

Well The run will be live here, and I will do a countdown timer 20 minutes before it's time to begin

Website News / It's August!!!
« on: August 01, 2017, 07:17:25 PM »
Welcome to August 2017!
Photo of the Month:

"MCI lives Aachen."
by Vegas725

Not much has changed since last month, but Liberty 0.2.3 is out!

Website News / Welcome to July 2017!
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:45:09 AM »
Welcome to July 2017!
Photo of the Month:

"Flxible Metro-B Transit Suburban" by Dash5155

As you may know, the site layout has changed since last month. Tell me what you think! Also, Happy Independence Day for those in the US!

Website News / Welcome to June 2k17!
« on: May 31, 2017, 09:17:49 PM »
Welcome to June 2017!
Photo of the Month:

"CCTA Direct DE60LF and a KTA D40LF @ 22nd St."
by ItsYeBoi

From now on, pictures will be randomly selected from the Gallery to become photo of the month! For now, thanks for posting on the site!

Congratulations to the following users for being the highest contributors to this site (post count wise).

Dash5155 with 242 overall posts
Munce with 154 overall posts
Dedog with 112 overall posts
Miller with 101 overall posts
Anime and Buses with 86 overall posts

Keep up the good work everyone and hopefully June is even better in terms of content, posts and updates!

Last little tidbit: Munce gave us a Discord server! Check it out here for chat and whatnot with other VTC members (separate from the actual VTC server for obvious reasons).

General Discussion / Facebook and YouTube Not for Support
« on: May 14, 2017, 09:41:27 PM »
Previosuly, it was listed in all my add-ons but I occasionally made exceptions depending on how urgent it seemed.

However as of this moment, you WILL be ignored by me if you ask on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter for support on the following add-ons. If you personal message me about these add-ons, I'll also ignore those message, as there is already the support forums with multiple people available to help you. There is no reason why you need to One-on-one with me all the time especially considering thousands of people do it all at the same time.

  • New Flyer Powertrain Mod
  • Cayuga USA v0.6+
  • Grundelphia
  • Liberty Map

Once again if you ask on Facebook, twitter, or YouTube for support on these mods, do NOT expect to get an answer from me. Thanks.

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