Redone Gillig LF ZF Power train

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Redone Gillig LF ZF Power train
« on: December 20, 2017, 06:00:51 PM »

An overhauled ZF Power Mod for the Gillg Advantage which also includes the CNG ZF mod.
Simply extract to a new folder. Then open each folder and copy and paste the contents to the matching folder; that is if you open the sound folder, copy  the contents and paste them in the main sound folder for the Gillg. Please make a back up in case something goes wrong, and you are strongly advised to download the latest version of this bus. Let me say it again. You are STRONGLY advised to download the latest Gillg Advantage LF which is available on the Porais Studios site.

I've redone this for the benefit of those who said it wasn't working for them. Please read all the instructions given here and follow as directed. Please enjoy and feel free to use it in any of your videos for those of you who have YouTube Channels.


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