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New Flyer MD30 on route 310 Horsham Breeze

Welcome to the Virtual Transportation Center. Your Go-To for virtual transportation mods and content.

Welcome to Virtual Transportation Center, or VTC for short.
Since 2014, VTC has been your go-to spot for North American Transportation content in video games. In 2016, the name Virtual Transportation Center was almost synonymous with OMSI 2 bus mods. With this slight reboot of the website, we hope to keep everyone satisfied with OMSI 2 buses and maps, as well as bringing you some new public transportation information. 

Please check out our downloads section for mods and maps for OMSI 2 (you must be logged in to download), or even visit our multimedia gallery for some screenshots of OMSI 2, and real-world transit. Coming soon will be real-world bus rosters in three states (PA, NY, and NJ), so check back every day for more updates on this.

You could also visit the forums to communicate with fellow visitors about the content featured on the site, as well as get support for OMSI and OMSI 2 modding. Just to clarify we are in no way affiliated with any publishers or transportation agencies, so please do not take our word as a representation of any official groups and companies. 

Random Multimedia Uploads

NJ Transit LRV 3503

RiverLine to Camden
Stadler GTW DMU
Trenton Transit Center, Trenton, NJ


Visalia Transit Orion VII OG #6262

I always saw this one Taunting me when I go home from college. So I had some free time and rode this one. I even recorded my first bus ride video.
Powered by John Deere 6081H,

Allison B400R(maybe)

EDIT 12-26-17: Found out a little after the video was posted that this one has a ZF Transmission.
Video Link


King County Metro New Flyer DE60 6875 on King County Metro Rapid Ride A line

I don't why this bus was on the A line for some reason

Jonathan the great

Try Out New Era Universe 7


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